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What if you could close the learning gap created by interrupted instruction with the most powerful and proven solutions available?

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Maybe you need support implementing a summer school program. Or addressing the achievement gap in your district. Or getting teachers customized support. Whatever your needs, we're there for you.


Proven Intervention

HMH intervention solutions have changed the lives of over 10 million students in the past 20 years. Our solutions lead the market and have been proven to work—with citations by more than 100 independent research studies.


A Look at Our Results



Lexile Score Increase

A longitudinal study showed that students enrolled in both Read 180® and System 44® increased their Lexile® scores by an average of more than 200L each year.


Score Increase

A third-party study showed that special education students using Math 180® had 2x the score increase of non-Math 180 special education students on the NWEA® MAP® math assessment.


Lexile Score Improvement

In one efficacy study, System 44 students achieved on average 125% of the expected Lexile score gain compared to the average annual growth of an initially same-scoring national sample.


Quantile Measures

In one study, students using Math 180 experienced significant achievement growth in one year of implementation, with an average gain of 184 Quantile® measures.


When districts follow research-based implementation guidelines, they achieve the best results.


Customized Services

Your district has unique needs. We will make it our mission to embrace your challenges as our own—on your schedule. From implementation support to collaborative problem-solving, we create meaningful professional learning experiences that foster long-term, sustainable growth.

We brought in professional development coaches, and we found that expert’s voice coming in alongside the teacher became such a valuable component of the program.

Dr. Ann Pederson,
Deputy Superintendent
Lawrence Public Schools, New York

Supplemental Solutions

With the right supplemental resources, you can close learning gaps and enrich your advanced learners. Personalized practice and lessons that adapt in real-time provide the boost that students of all proficiency levels need to succeed.

The benefits of our supplemental solutions include:

  • Easy implementation requiring little direct instruction or intervention
  • Automatic student placement with personalized and adaptive technology
  • Engaging activities that provide positive feedback and real-world connections
  • Encouragement for the larger population of students who require support

Explore COVID-19 Education Relief Funds

Emergency relief funds for COVID-19 are here. Learn more about the stimulus packages and how to use funding in ways that will benefit your students most.

For more information on pricing, contact your local account executive.

My student was having a rough day. When he saw Waggle, his outlook completely changed! He came alive when he jumped in and started earning points and gems—all while learning.

A. Braga,
Elementary Teacher, CT

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