We Support Teachers from Day 1

Our job? Support you so that you can be the cornerstone for your students.

The HMH Anywhere™ all-inclusive subscription includes ongoing Professional Development to meet your changing needs.

How do we support teachers?

Together, we'll draw a roadmap for success

Collaborative Planning

Let's dig in! HMH Anywhere implementation begins with collaboratively planning your PD pathway.

Ongoing Support

Select from online courses, live online delivery, and on-demand resources to meet your every learning need.

Long-Term Growth

We'll help you infuse your curriculum with social-emotional and culturally responsive learning.

Your district. Your schedule. Let's take a fresh approach to Professional Development.

Connect HMH programs with your LMS

We're committed to connecting our best-in-class core content with your LMS. Ask us how teachers can assign content and use the gradebook within Canvas® and Schoology®.

What makes this offer special?

Teachers first: Collaborate to plan the perfect implementation, and adjust course as needed.

Outstanding content: All-green EdReports ratings for math and ELA put quality content in every student's home.

What's Included?

Comprehensive K–12 subscription on one learning platform

Best-in-class core instruction
Growth Measure assessment
On-demand instructional resources
Reading fluency assessment
Dyslexia risk screener
AI-driven reading coach for emergent readers
Customizable professional learning
Family and caregiver resources
Single platform and access
Online and offline app access
AI-driven adaptive practice and lessons
Foundational skills instruction and practice


Assess fluency, proficiency, and growth in math and ELA with rigorous tests and adaptive practice.

Core Instruction

Best-in-class core instruction supports in-person, remote, and hybrid teaching and learning.

Supplemental Practice

AI-driven personalized practice adaptively supports students when and where they need it most.

Professional Development

Map out your goals with our experts so that your staff's PD is customized to their specific needs.

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